i was gonna do an april fools prank but i never got around to it. ;-;

the prank was going to be either a Billionsurprisetoys fan blog Or the blog being taken over by E.vile XD! Pop on!-RT


Coolmath games… that site with all the fun flash games that have nothing to do with math, aka my favorite place on the internet when i was in 3rd grade. NOW YOU CAN PLAY POP ON COOLMATH WITH AN EXITING ACCOUNT!

look! its me playing pop on my account, on COOLMATH GAMES!!! WHAT!!!



I was bored so i looked up poptropica games on roblox… and i was very dissapointed.

thats a lot of down thumbs.. and WHAT EVEN IS THAT THUMBNAIL

The game started out in a small room on an island.

i finally found the blimp, and it didnt take me anywhere, so i had to quit.

this is so cheap and bad…

i went to another “poptropica” place and it was just the starter roblox place. NEXT!

the last place i went to turned out to be a theme park (?) but the rides didnt even work. after that i gave up hope.

and no i am not accepting friend requests on roblox because my only friends on roblox are IRL friends. 😉

Pop on!-RT

Hanging out with you guys!

Sorry about the “TEXT”!

Me and Doge were hanging out with you guys in the Blast Off arcade! Shoutout to the aqua haired person with headphones,the edgy person with a bandanna(love ur outfit), the grandma with a pink shirt,and that demon girl hiding behind me and Doge!