hoi its meh g8mer guy snipe dem 4rtnite nubs yeet!!!1!!!!11

GO AWAY GAMER GUY! ugh… anyway, OHOHOHO, I have a post I MEAN CONSPIRACY about Poptropica Worlds…. You know those testing dummies from the teaser?

R O B U T T (rip tall cactus)


when i first saw that teaser i couldnt sleep…

ANYWAY: conspiracy time. Dr.Lange built that testing dummy hoping it would become a world famous celebrity. But the dummy wanted more. So the dummy created 4 items and planted one of each into innocent peoples brains. these four people became supervillans known as “the big four” then the dummy hacked a computer named Holmes and Holmes took over an entire island known as Game Show island. Then the dummy made a bunch of other stuff responsible for island problems. SO THEN THE DUMMY JOINED THE ILLUMINATI AND BECAME THEIR LEADER. THEY BRAINWASHED THE CREATORS TO MAKE THEM MAKE A NEW VERSION OF POPTROPICA WHERE ALSO ILLUMINATI DUMMY WOULD BE THE STAR OF THE TRAILER!(the dummy also brainwashed Dr.Lange and her boyfriend to be in the trailer too.)THEN 5000 DISASTERS WILL ALL HAPPEN AT ONCE FORCING EVERYONE UNDERGROUND THEN ROBUTTS WILL RULE THE EARTH! and then the world burns.

this post was a joke ok i was bored

may the force be with you

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